Dark Secrets-RELOADED


Release name: Dark.Secrets-RELOADED
Size: 495 MB
Genre: Action, Strategy
Publisher: THQ
Developer: New Generation Software
Release Date: 13.02.2012
Language: ENG
NFO: Here
Release Description:

In this game you take on the role as Arthur, a young man who after many years returns to his childhood village to attend his father’s funeral. With this, the old family antique shop is passed on from father to son. As Arthur begins to examine all of it’s old and and mysterious items, he finds that they hold unsolved mysteries about the village and it’s people. He unwillingly enters world of his father, one filled with mysteries and danger. In the end, what secrets will he uncover about the village, the people that he meets and about himself. Are there secrets that are best left untouched? And can on hope to escape the sins of the father?


  • Explore a beautiful yet haunting Scandinavian inspired village and it’s surrounding countryside in first person.
  • Experience a deep and engaging story told through 5 chapters. Interact with a dozen of intriguing and colorful character, each one with their own motives and secrets
  • Choose your own path with multiple puzzle solution and dialogue choices that impact the story
  • Combined game play elements from classic adventure games as well as mystery solving and new and exciting game play mechanics.

Total 495 MB
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