Gambling Emperor Legend Zero


Download Gambling Emperor Legend ZeroType : Manga
Author(s) : FUKUMOTO Nobuyuki
Language : English
Status in Home Country : 8 Volume [Complete]
Scanlation Status : [Complete]
Genre(s) : Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Sports, Suspense
Other title : Gambling Emperor Zero, Tobaku Haoden Zero, Tobaku Haouden Zero
Manga info   : Baka-Update


Scan Group : Hox
Related Series : –

Summary :
Ukai Zero saves three troubled teens from a Suicide Website, and together they choose to work as modern-day ‘Robin Hoods’ of society. However, Rei’s friends are caught by an underworld gang whose heist the group had foiled. In order to rescue them, Rei is forced to enter a gambling competition hosted by a rich, rotten old man who is looking for a talented gambler to be his rep player in an upcoming gambling tournament for millionaires from all over the world. The reward money? ONE TRILLION YEN.

Note – This story is directly continued in its sequel.

Size : 40-60Mb/Volume




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