Level E

Type : Manga
Author(s) : TOGASHI Yoshihiro
Language : English
Status in Home Country : 3 Volume [Complete]
Scanlation Status : [Complete]
Genre(s) : Adventure, Comedy, Sci-fi, Shounen
Other title : –
Manga info : Baka-Update

Scan Group : Akatsuki Manga, Jinmen Juushin
Related Series : –

Summary :
Tsutsui Yukitaka is a freshman who has finally convinced his parents that he is ready to live on his own. When he arrives at his new apartment, he is surprised to find that someone has arrived before him; A young man who claims that he is an alien and that he is suffering from amnesia. A series of short stories involving aliens on Earth.

Size : 20-25Mb/Volume


[spoiler]vol 01 : | BU | UL | HF |
vol 02 : | BU | UL | HF |
vol 03 : | BU | UL | HF |[/spoiler]



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