Universal Squadrons (2010) DVDRip | 300 MB

Download Universal Squadrons (2010) DVDRip | 300 MB

Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1535606/
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Action
Cast: Riley Smith, Willa Ford and Barry Corbin
Quality: DVDRip
Subtitle: Indonesia, English (N/A)

After returning to civilian life as a Texas rancher, Captain Lance Deakin fends off attacks from former members of his unit as he struggles to uncover the truth of what he did as a soldier in Iraq. The military performed experiments on Lance and his men to turn them into super-soldiers and brainwashed them to remember their top secret missions as the hyper-violent content of a video game called MINUTEMAN. Lance must uncover the truth in time to save the woman he loves.

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Download Universal Squadrons (2010) DVDRip | 300 MB

Download Universal Squadrons (2010) DVDRip | 300 MB
Total Size 300 MB (.mkv)
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